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You Make It

Our programme empowers unemployed young women with the confidence, professional networks, experiences and tools needed to realise their voice and earning potential in their city.

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We bring together amazing people and places to help our women transform how they perceive themselves and the role they can and should play to change their lives

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"I don't know what's going to happen to me in the future but I know it's going to be better than the path I was on before. I wish every woman could take part in You Make It"

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"It's given me the motivation and kick to start my business and get where I want to. If you want to find the person to change your life...look in the mirror!"

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About Us

“You Make It is not just an employability scheme – that is just one of the outcomes” – Asma Shah, CEO 

Our founding CEO, Asma Shah, had been living in Bethnal Green for some 17 years, having spent her first 18 years living on a council estate in Peckham. While she had progressed her career within creative and cultural sector organisations, seeing the devastating effects of austerity and the impact of gentrification on local residents, Asma was motivated to make a change.

You Make It was designed in response and first ran as a virtually funding free pilot all from Asma’s kitchen table.

We empower young unemployed women with the confidence, skills, networks, knowledge and experiences needed to realise their passions and pursue their goals. 

You Make It offers a holistic and uplifting approach to job-seeking that puts individuality and self-esteem at its core.

Our mission is to ensure all women, regardless of background, have access to the same opportunities to lead happy, independent and fulfilled lives.

What We Do

You Make It offers a creative and inspiring programme for young women. They are given the tools to transform their lives through personal empowerment. Our work falls within the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN to end poverty, promote good health and well-being, provide life-long learning opportunities, and fight for gender equality.


We visit amazing venues for sessions by diverse and inspiring professionals on a range of key skills. These 3 months are the start of a holistic journey that gets our women more connected to themselves, their passions and their city.


Mentoring is a powerful tool to achieve growth with work and life ambitions. We work with exceptional professionals from diverse sectors and backgrounds who are dedicated to helping young people reach their potential.

Work Placements

At the end of the workshop journey, we offer the chance to gain vital experience in industries that are tough to get into. Some of our previous hosts include Royal Opera House, Barbican Centre, SapientNitro and Elbow Productions.

Trading Places

Creative and enterprising women will run a stall for one weekend at the famous Old Spitalfields Market. This exciting training opportunity puts their products and newly developed confidence and business skills to the test.

Ladies' Den

This startup initiative supports women to believe in their dreams and get their business ideas off the ground. After intensive brainstorming sessions, women will pitch to a panel of business experts for the chance to win investment and other support.


Each programme ends with a celebration and networking event where our women take to the stage to confidently deliver a speech about their journeys on YMI to a room full of family, friends and future possibilities.

Dinah's Story

Go with Dinah on her journey to discovering her true potential

news and thoughts

YMI named “Social Enterprise of the Year” at Precious Awards 2017

We are proud to announce that You Make It recently won “Social Enterprise of the Year” at the 11th annual Precious Awards in September 2017. Launched in 2007, The PRECIOUS Awards place a s[...]

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Applications are open for our Autumn Programme!

Are you ready to gain the confidence, skills, networks, knowledge and experiences needed to lead financially independent and happy lives? You Make It is looking for amazing women aged 18-30, living i[...]

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Hackney woman launches denture repair business

A woman who won the “Ladies Den” business competition in September which is run by the charity You Make It, which supports young women looking to start a business. [...]

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Asma shows women in East London “You can make it”

Asma has helped 81 women through the programme since then, with 80 per cent getting jobs, going onto further education or starting their own businesses.[...]

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Wonderful Women with Asma Shah

Meetings with potential beneficiaries are amazing, hearing their life stories inspiring and having honest conversations about how we can really help them get to where they need to be is always excitin[...]

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Forget Brexit: Cameron’s legacy is a generation of ‘almost’ working

132,000 Brits employed in this way worked zero hours and nearly a third of those employed on these contracts want more hours than they are offered.[...]

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From Surviving To Thriving

Why My Day Job Is Changing The Lives Of East End Displaced Women[...]

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Who We Are

Our management team delivers the programme with a range of brilliant facilitators, consultants, mentors and volunteers

"I love my work as it’s all about ensuring something positive and with genuine social impact continues and grows!" Read More

Asma Shah

Founding CEO

"I’m really excited to make sure that all our woman have a unique and fulfilling journey" Read More

Roxi Jahanshahi

Programme Manager

"It's inspiring to take meaningful action and help other young people build their career" Read More

Leah Das

Programme Coordinator

Board of Trustees

Our board is comprised of incredible professionals from the cultural and creative sectors as well as experts in the field of business and startups

I was inspired to join YMI after attending the 2015 graduation and seeing the incredible impact this programme has on its participants. I am honoured to be invited on to the board to provide my extensive consulting business experience. Atul Mehta, Chair
I've been involved in the delivery of YMI since its pilot programme in 2011. Its mission is very close to my heart and it is incredibly rewarding to work with the brilliant young women on the programme. Ellen O'Hara
As a graduate of YMI, I know the genuine and constructive impact it has on the lives of its participants. I now have the confidence and essential skills that have lead me to full time employment. My horizons have broadened and I am able to pursue my own goals and dreams. YMI was a transformational part of my journey and continues to be a source of motivation, which is why I continue to support it as a Trustee. In today's demanding job markets and social climate, empowering young women to achieve their potential and follow their dreams is crucial.Abenilde Sousa
I was a part of the 2014 YMI cohort and I'm proud to say that I graduated from it to get a job as a programme coordinator for the Social Mobility Foundation. Being someone who has gone through YMI, I hope to assist the organisation in reaching even more young women so they too can experience the countless benefits and achieve their full potential. Sammy Hussain
I've been fortunate to work with people who've guided me along my career to have the confidence to try new and challenging things. Now I'm privileged to be a part of giving that support to others. I wish to help the graduates develop their ideas into reality. Ian Quest
I have passion and dedication to equality for women. I'm really happy to be helping You Make It grow and expand further. Harriet Sassoon
As Managing Director of Speakit Films, I am committed to shining a light on global voices that are often hidden and unheard. Sometimes these voices exist on our own doorstep. You Make It’s innovative and heartfelt approach to empowering young women locally yields tangible results, transforming lives for both participants and mentors. Himesh Kar
I’m so excited to be involved in You Make It for so many reasons: I am a Hackney resident, and I want to celebrate the incredible talent of women living in this diverse borough. Also; I’m incredibly aware that I was very fortunate in my early career and I want to help others access the same chances I was given. Helen Searl
I have been a mentor and am now delighted to be a Board member of You Make because it empowers, encourages, provides skills and offers bespoke support. You Make It is the antithesis of a ‘one size fits all approach'. And because of all of these factors, it transforms lives. Kate O'Connor
I joined YMI after being a mentor in the programme and experiencing first-hand what it means for these amazing women to be given support and experiences to change their lives. I hope to use my communications background to raise YMIs profile and drive additional funding. Geoff Whitehouse


We invite special graduates on as ambassadors to champion our work and be a spokesperson for future programmes

Before I started the programme I was very discontent with the direction my life was headed. I made it my mission to discover who I truly was, what my gifts were and where I could use them to gain streams of income. Since taking part in YMI, I am building momentum, exercising my talents and turning my dreams into reality. I am working on my book while waiting to start my Master's next year. I have secured a voluntary role relevant for my MA working to empower others and through this, I empower myself. Sada Cole
I think YMI is a great opportunity for young women, I encourage as many young unemployed women to get involved and as many corporate organisations to back our cause to help the charity grow! Since taking part in YMI I have grown as a person. I've learnt how to network and had the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting and well-connected people. I wouldn't be where I am now without YMI - I have a full-time job, a flourishing freelance career as an illustrator and a book ready to be published. I'm so grateful! Onyinye Iwu
I am a YMI ambassador because they provide a platform for young women to realise and believe in their potential and gives them necessary skills and tools to do so. Since taking part in YMI I have gained more confidence to pursue my business and taken positive steps toward this. The transformation I and other young women have experienced and gone through has been phenomenal. YMI not only addresses the issues we face in setting up a business or pursuing a career, but Asma shares all that is in her grasp to make the journey a lot easier. Aramide Fadiora
I believe in the ethos of the YMI programme. Being an ambassador fills my yearning to represent a platform for the empowerment of young women. I think that in the current social climate it is important to foster and develop the minds of the future generations. Since taking part in YMI I've become more confident, driven and focused on both the business and personal goals I've set for myself. What I've learnt has given me the tools and can-do attitude I needed to start my own business which will be launching in 2015. Tasharna Francis
I want to help promote this positive and amazing programme. It is a privilege to support the charity, to inspire other young women to achieve their ambitions and to answer any questions about the programme. I want to pass on the positive knowledge and confidence they gave me. Since taking part in YMI I have gained confidence in who I am and what I do. Following Ladies' Den, I won a bursary for studio space at Cockpit Arts and completed the Prince's Trust programme. I launched my fashion collection (thanks to YMI contacts) and took part in open studios where I sold my products. I have just passed a teaching qualification and am volunteering once a week teaching adults with disabilities. Mary Zreik


Get in touch if you want to join our programme, are interested in becoming a mentor, workshop leader or placement provider or if you have any media enquiries.