From lacking confidence to thriving in the Arts.

Alia joined us in the Autumn of 2015. She was deeply lacking in confidence and self-belief, which was having a terrible impact on her life. Her self-esteem had suffered as a result of not doing well at school and she was struggling with the pressure being put on her by her family to gain employment when offers were not forthcoming; the struggle to get a job, of course, being made worse by her lack of confidence. 

Being a part of the YMI programme enabled Alia to explore her interests and skills without the pressure of school and family, and gave her the opportunity to gain valuable experience which not only made her more employable but also increased her confidence. 

When Alia arrived at the realisation that she wants to work in an Arts environment, YMI were able to broker a placement for her at a partner arts venue, working in a front of box and box office role. Alia excelled in the post has continued to work at the venue long past the established term, now in a promoted front of house and box office manager position. 

What are the benefits?

Social Impact

Social Impact

Do you want to make a difference? We change and transform lives and continue to survive and thrive due to our proven and robust social impact.

Become a partner or sponsor and be part of a truly authentic and on-going story of transforming young lives.



Train, develop, reward and better motivate your staff through our high impact mentoring programme. Mentoring opens up a huge range of professional and personal benefits.

Meaningful corporate social responsibility can increase your bottom line - companies that increased giving by 10% or more saw a 14% median growth rate in pre-tax profits.

talent pool

Increase your talent pool

Recruit and host young women into short term work placements and provide integral experience for those at the start of their careers.

Identify and retain diverse talent into your business over the longer term.


Donations help put women through our programme and gifts in kind which help us operate as an organisation.

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Diversify your employees’ skill sets. Enjoy meaningful and fulfilling interactions. Have a positive and lasting impact on our women.

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We’ve got a lot of valuable expertise to share. All of our partners across sectors can benefit from our consultancy and coaching services.

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Experiencing You Make It’s passion first hand as a participant inspired me to get involved and use my journey to support other women who take part. You Make It supported me through a very challenging time and helped me unleash who I truly am. 
Nadine Makeida Davis , Trustee