Our CEO Asma Shah writes on Covid-19 and inequality for HuffPostUK


"For nine years through You Make It, I’ve brought people together from different classes, races and ages to help reverse the inequalities experienced by young, unemployed women here. Meanwhile, I’ve kept friendly with the changing faces of neighbours, chatting in the courtyard, initially inviting them to parties and not paying much attention when barely any would join gatherings of my diverse friends from across London and long time friends from the block.

Then coronavirus happened and revealed what a dangerous mix white fragility and privilege can be, combined with a reluctance to integrate into the wider community here. I’ve witnessed complete unwilling to engage with or alter social behaviours despite evidence that those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, the elderly, and BAME people  – all groups that are represented on our estate – are more likely to die of it."

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 In these challenging times when many like me risk feeling left behind, You Make It provides a platform to support women to develop their skills, encourages self-expression and engagement in wider life. 
Anwara Begum, Trustee