Our corporate partnerships are the best way to work with us as it covers sponsorship of participants, helping cover event costs and mentorship fees. Find out more about how your donations and gifts help support our organisation.

What a corporate partnership will cover

What sponsoring a participant covers

  • Workshop speakers
  • Workshop events spaces
  • Travel costs for graduates during the programme to attend sessions (if necessary)
  • Work placement
  • Trading placements costs
  • Programme evaluation fees
  • General running costs

Event Costs

  • Venue hire fees (if applicable)
  • Catering costs (where appropriate)
  • Tech hire fees (e.g. screens, speakers, laptops, etc.)
  • Furniture hire fees (e.g. tables, chairs, if applicable)
  • Decoration fees (if applicable)
  • Materials (e.g. paper, pens, activity apparatus)

Mentorship costs

  • Running costs for 3 mentors
  • Training programme costs for 3 mentors
  • Training materials

What are the benefits?

Social Impact

Social Impact

Do you want to make a difference? We change and transform lives and continue to survive and thrive due to our proven and robust social impact.

Become a partner or sponsor and be part of a truly authentic and on-going story of transforming young lives.



Train, develop, reward and better motivate your staff through our high impact mentoring programme. Mentoring opens up a huge range of professional and personal benefits.

Meaningful corporate social responsibility can increase your bottom line - companies that increased giving by 10% or more saw a 14% median growth rate in pre-tax profits.

talent pool

Increase your talent pool

Recruit and host young women into short term work placements and provide integral experience for those at the start of their careers.

Identify and retain diverse talent into your business over the longer term.


Donations help put women through our programme and gifts in kind which help us operate as an organisation.

Support our work

Volunteer as a mentor

Diversify your employees’ skill sets. Enjoy meaningful and fulfilling interactions. Have a positive and lasting impact on our women.

Become a mentor

Learn from us

We’ve got a lot of valuable expertise to share. All of our partners across sectors can benefit from our consultancy and coaching services.

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I was inspired to join YMI after seeing the incredible impact this programme has on its participants.
Atul Mehta , Chair of Trustees